Comware offers our clients a wide range of expert IT security products and services with
unsurpassed quality and support.

Services Overview

IT Security can be overwhelming at first glance. There are dozens of potential types of vulnerable systems, and hundreds of products available in the marketplace to address them. And, since no two organizations are completely alike, how can you know what potential problem area to tackle first, let alone which solution with which to tackle that problem (and at the right cost)?

Does it make sense to encrypt all hard drives in your organization? Maybe but, if your firewall is not configured properly or your email server sends critical information in the clear over an unencrypted wireless network, then probably not.

At Comware, we specialize in IT Security. We make it our business to know the things that threaten your data, and how well each product or solution works in each situation. This allows us to help you assess your environment for risks and find the right solution that fits your organization’s risk profile, industry compliance mandates as well as your IT security budget.

Our team of security specialists can then help you deploy most security solutions available in the marketplace. Indeed, we perform product implementations of behalf of very well-known vendors in the Security space. While vendors make their products easier and easier to deploy these days, there are still many obscure or vaguely described options that, if set incorrectly, can make your investment in the new product you just purchased almost useless. Our team specializes in these solution and know which subtle implementation options are right for your environment, ensuring that your recent product purchase actually protects your valuable data.

We also go further than deploying products. Our security experts can help you craft a long-term IT security strategy and roadmap. We can help you secure your base systems (such as laptops, mobile devices, servers, Active Directory…) to raise your Security baseline and make your investment in additional solutions even more effective. We can also conduct a Security Assessment in which we actively scan your wired and wireless networks for vulnerabilities (including your datacenter or even Cloud provider) which can help you pass compliance audits and/or reduce your insurance premiums.

Product &Technical Support

Our engineers go through rigorous training on the products we offer, making them recognized experts for the products they specialize in. We believe this expertise is critical to the success of the implementation, meaning that we do not declare victory simply because a product was installed without errors; we are satisfied only when the product is configured in a way that satisfies the business objective you set out to accomplish.

While everyone can click on ‘setup’ and leave default settings alone, this type of deployment is hardly the most efficient use of the investment you just made in a Security product. In some cases, default settings leave a system no better protected than it was before the product was even installed. And, as the security landscape grows ever more complex, even qualified IT people who are well qualified in networks or server computing may not be aware of the subtle configuration settings that are relevant to each environment.

We also offer our assistance after the initial implementation is completed. Perhaps the product needs to be moved to another server. Or additional IT resources need to be covered. In these cases, or if you encounter any problems with a product or service that we sold or installed, please contact our expert engineers via e-mail at or at 1-877-405-0832. We promise that your questions will be answered promptly and completely.

IT Security Consulting

At Comware, we recognize that IT Security is more than just deploying the right product. After all, the best possible lock is practically useless if the key is left under the mat, or if the side window is left open. And, unfortunately, security vulnerabilities are not as obvious as an open window, which means that many organizations are simply unaware of a particular weakness until it is too late.

Our IT Security Consulting group was developed to help our customers recognize these risks and properly evaluate relevant mitigation strategies. Not every vulnerability needs to be addressed by spending thousands and thousands of dollars on software, as long as decision makers understand the risk to their data and can properly assess risks and costs before deciding on a level of risk they are comfortable with. Our role is to uncover these vulnerabilities, explain what they are, highlight what data is at risk, and offer potential strategies to mitigate or eliminate the business risk involved. In short, we bring you the information you need to make an informed decision about your business.

Our process typically begins with a thorough examination of your environment, including scanning of wired and wireless networks, vulnerability scanning of your desktop and server environment, and a review of the policies in place, to name a few.

After the initial assessment, we will work with your team to craft a long-term Security roadmap that will prioritize risk items and offer a tentative schedule or implementing remediation strategies. Those strategies can be quite varied in cost, effort and impact potential. For instance, a critical vulnerability could be easily, quickly and cheaply addressed by adding a rule to your firewall(s) while a less pressing vulnerability could require an OS or application upgrade to one of your systems.

Once the broad roadmap approved, each item can be spooled as a discrete project and scheduled at your convenience. While we can (and often do) implement these sub-projects for our customers, in many cases these can be accomplished by internal IT resources. In short, we can assist with as much or as little as you feel is appropriate.

Also, we are happy to tailor these engagements to specific needs. After all, not all organizations will require a complete assessment and long-term plan but may need assistance with some portions (say, a firewall review or a wireless scan) of a broad security effort.

Areas Of Expertise

While our Consulting background has prepared us for a variety of situations and customer needs, we are most often requested to assist with projects falling in the following categories:
  • IT Security Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Security Policy Development or Review
  • Perimeter (Firewall, VPN) Review
  • Base OS and Applications Hardening
  • Compliance Review (PCI…)
  • Technical Security Assessments (Wired, Wireless..)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security & Access Review

Managed Security Services

We understand more than anyone that IT Security has grown into a very complex set of products, offerings and skillsets. In the past, organizations could conceive of IT Security as firewall and anti-virus management and it was relatively easy for in-house network management teams and desktop support teams to include these capabilities and offer these services. As the threat matrix increased in volume and, more importantly, in complexity, the role of IT Security specialist grew in importance (and salary requirements!) Of course, our field is now so complex that few individuals can achieve meaningful expertise across the board.

We recognize that most organizations simply cannot justify the hiring of such specialists on a full-time basis. Security Consulting can help alleviate this internal skillset shortfall, but Consulting engagements usually involve specific project implementations, leaving businesses to maintain and modify these solutions day to day as best they can.

Similarly, most organizations do not typically require a full-time specialist every day. In many cases, the upkeep of Security systems take a few hours a week, making a full-time hiring decision even harder to justify.

Why not let Comware help you manage your security infrastructure? Our trained specialists can handle the day to day tasks on your behalf for a fixed monthly fee that is easy to budget and keep track of. We will be happy to discuss the mix of services customized for your organization at a price you can afford.

Some of the daily management tasks we can perform for you include:

  • Firewall maintenance (rules, log review…)
  • Endpoint (Anti-virus client) deployments
  • VPN tunnel maintenance
  • Web and Mail filtering rules
  • Patch management
  • Security Event Management
  • Malware cleanup