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Malwarebytes to launch Breach Remediation tool

Malwarebytes to launch Breach Remediation tool

February 26, 2016 @ 8:05 pm
by Clay Gollier
in Blog

Malwarebytes was already a household name when it came to cleaning up infections. Their next big thing promises to make remediation much, much easier.

As malware evolved, the efforts required to clean up a breach required more and more time. Not only are today’s attacks more elaborate, requiring more time to clean each machine, malware has perfected its¬†ability to move laterally and infect nearby machines much more quickly. Cleanup options most often involve a long, painstaking manual process on each machine, or the arbitrary imaging of these machines (with labor required to restore user files…) In other words, a single infected PC could cost 4-6 hours each to clean up, to say nothing of the dozens of nearby machines with a secondary infection.

Malwarebytes’ approach can not only enable a remote clean up of infected machines but, through its integration with such tools as SCCM, ArcSight, Splunk… can initiate the cleanup process automatically. This will save not only technician hours’ worth of work, but will allow for a reduced disruption to the business.

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